About Coty Wind

Let's tell you more about Coty Wind, about our passion, goals, career, vision and mission.

About Coty

Coty Wind is a leading multi-activity Sudanese company, specializing in many commercial fields. We are proud of our good reputation in the various fields of our work, which the quality, prices and transparency of our services and products were the main reasons for its formation. We offer a wide range of products and services, some of which are located in Sudan only, and some of them are global in various parts of the world. Close your deal with us and let us make your work and life better.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of high-quality products and services that make a difference in the business and lives of our customers, by providing effective, innovative, high-quality products and services that improve their business and other directions. Continuing to invest in research and development to provide better services with real value for both the market and customers; Taking them towards new horizons and unique services.

Our Mission

To turn our skills, experience and passion into providing the best services and the highest quality and distinction to our customers at the internal and external levels, putting their satisfaction in the first place and by providing them with ideal, innovative and effective solutions that meet and exceed their needs and expectations and also participate in achieving the goals of sustainable development.

Why Us


Service Quality

Experience the work with a high-quality company that delivers results, every time.


service flexibility

Empower your trading game with limitless possibilities by working with coty wind.


Service Safety

Working with the highest safety and health standards for both goods and operations.


Service time

We always get the work done on time without affecting the quality of service.


Service Pricing

We offer our services at unique prices that are suitable for the both parties.


Service transparency

We strive to ensure that our services and practices are transparent and responsible.